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How do I Book an Appointment?

There are a few ways to book an appointment with our stylists!

If you know who you want to book with, you can go to their instagram and book via their online booking link. 

If you aren't sure who you need to book with, you can fill out a "new client form" on our website or you can give us a call! 


Should I Wash my Hair before my Appointment?


We use an ammonia free color line, COLOR.ME by Kevin Murphy, that gently delivers high performance results. Gone are the days where 3 days of build up are "good for scalp protection." Color has evolved and so have we. For an even color application and optimum results, please come in to the salon with clean and dry hair.

(If hair has to be dried or washed and dried before your color service, expect an additional charge.)


Can my son/daughter/boyfriend/friend come with me to my appointment?

We love visitors! However, unless they are receiving a service, we really don't recommend it.

We have limited seating and only so much space. Most likely, they will not be able to sit next to you while you are receiving your service.

Too many people in a small space can really cramp the relaxation for your appointment, as well as other people receiving a service!


Why should I choose Salon Color over Saving Money and doing it myself at Home?

Knowledge, experience. science, and safety.

We are licensed professionals that continue our education constantly! We are always learning more about color theory, the science behind it, application methods and more. 

The chemicals used in hair color are no joke. We approach every service with your safety and quality in mind. We use top of the line, Kevin Murphy, performance color to achieve natural multi tonal results. 


Why should I buy your Products instead of what I buy at Target? 

First and foremost QUALITY!

Over the counter shampoos are typically filled with mostly synthetic ingredients and harsh detergents, and usually a small % of "the good stuff."

Also, we are educated on the products we are recommending. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge to keep your hair healthy, your color in tact, and to style your hair with ease. 


How Often Should I Wash my Hair? 

That completely depends on your life style, hair condition, and texture! 

We recommend talking with your stylist to figure out the right regimen and time frame for you! 


How Do I Pay?

We only take card payments. We do not accept cash at the salon. You can leave tips in cash, however, all services need to be paid by card! 

Need to know something you aren't seeing?

Shoot us your question on our contact form and we will get it answered! 

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