the color

-Salon scale will be added to all color services. This ensures you are paying for your color to the gram, nothing more. 
  -All services under the color collection have a product charge attached to the service for all products used. 
All lightening services include color balance and bond builder 


New Growth

This service is for up to 1 inch of new growth, for a single process color. This is typically great for grey coverage and going darker. This service 

DOES NOT include highlights or a “bleach retouch”. 


Single Global Application

This service is for a scalp to ends application with permanent color. This is typically used as a base color or to refresh a darker color. 


Also known as a tone or gloss, this appointment can address several things. 

Neutralizing blonde or darker tones, refresh reds, blondes, brunettes. 

Lightening Services 

the way we book your lightening services has to do with the the area of the head and the amount of lightening that needs to be done for your desired look. The techniques needed will be at the discretion of your stylist. All lightening services have a “base price”, which means that depending on length, density, and technique necessary the price may increase. 


typically the “money piece” or a small area that needs attention. 


larger than a micro, smaller than a partial. 


This would be considered “half of the head”


Nape to fringe (back of hair to front of hair)